Eleanor Friedberger - "Last Summer"


Friday 21st October 2011

We know what The Fiery Furnaces' Eleanor Friedberger did "Last Summer". She made a solo album about it! And, it gets released this Autumn, on 14th November to be more exact, with the lead single, "My Mistakes" popping out a week earlier on the 7th. Obviously we can't be certain how truly autobiographical the songs are, but read on to find out more, and check out the video for "My Mistakes" below.

This is a quietly spectacular little ten track album, nicely produced, to sound perfectly pitched between slick studio, and DIY ethic. To give you a better picture of the album's style, imagine equal measures of Patti Smith, Kate bush and Chrissie Hynde with occasional backing from The Rentals and you won't be too far off the mark. Lead track "My Mistakes" starts with a sudden jerk, but warms  within seconds, its urgent vocal backed by soft edged analogue synth. Lyrically it is thick with complexity, but the catchy song ensures that this doesn't overwhelm. The track ends with a slinky sax that screams post Scary Monsters Bowie, and New Wave era New York. In contrast, track two, "Inn Of The Seventh Ray", sounds like a stripped down collaboration between Kate Bush and Wayne Coyne, the different layers of Friedberger's vocals, chiming with perfection. Further in "Glitter Gold Year" appears to confirm that it's the events of Summer of 2010, that are's being dealt with here, before "One-Month Marathon" gives its intimate story of loosing one's clothes, and not being able to navigate without a smart phone, creating a pleasant anachronism between lyrical content and the song's retro, post punk, female singer-songwriter styling. "I Won't Fall Apart On You Tonight" is a positive upbeat number, with a timeless clever pop quality. The album ends with "Early Earthquake", which shows off that Chrissie Hynde vocal punctuation and Patti Smith breathy delivery again, before tailing off into a pleasant, unexpected outro of percussion and animal noises. Altogether, the album feels intriguingly intimate, (more so than the Fiery Furnaces sound), with Friedberger's voice proving quite seductive. It's well worth the 40 minutes of reflection, that it demands from the listener. Full track listing: My Mistakes Inn of the Seventh Ray Heaven Scenes from Bensonhurst Roosevelt Island Glitter Gold Year One-Month Marathon I Won’t Fall Apart on You Tonight Owl’s Head Park Early Earthquake Find out more at www.eleanorfriedberger.com


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