John Joseph Holt


Tuesday 8th August 2017

Name, where are you from?
John Joseph Holt, founder of LAW from the heart of the Fenlands.

Describe your style in three words?
Room for improvement (style is a lifelong journey and I’m barely at the brow of the hill).

A British icon that has inspired you?
I went to see David Hockney’s exhibition at Tate Britain the other day and it was amazing to see paintings that I am so familiar with up close and in the flesh. He was the first artist that I ever knew. An icon in his own lifetime, who stands out a mile and is not afraid of embracing the new.

What music did you listen to growing up?
My brother and his friend Stuart used to DJ at the local youth club disco in the Village Hall, before handing the reigns down to Stuart’s brother Tim and I. We would get high on Panda Pops and fade in Wamdue Project 'King of My Castle' over DJ Jean 'Are You Ready For The Launch', on single CD’s from Woolworths.

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