Kiss Me Scarlett


Wednesday 31st August 2011

The Danish high energy rock band Kiss Me Scarlett, after having flourished in the underground for about a year really got wind in its sails.

The band started out with grand ambitions, which certainly increased after September 2010 signed an international management agreement with Spacedog Mgt operated by partners Mark Rosen DK, Steve Lee, UK who spread global knowledge of Kiss Me Scarlett and their mission.

In spring 2011 they signed with Iceberg Records (known for Danish successes like The Blue Van and Dúné), then proceeded straight into the studio to record their first single "It's Summertime".

Producers Mark Wills and Dan Hougesen were quick to understand the band's intentions and then "magic" floated through the rooms of Real Farm studios.

This summer they go in the studio again to record their debut album, which is expected released in autumn 2011.

Kiss Me Scarlett is the result of six people with a common ideology and passion for music. An ideology and passion that takes as its starting point to spread joy, love and share life with other people through musical escapism.

Kiss Me, Scarlett is a counterpoint to the polished electro pop and fresh breeze to the otherwise so introverted indie music scene with all its whining. Most of the band's songs revolve around themes like love and peace between all people. This is supported by the '60s-inspired melodies and guitar riffs as they pump joy out of the speakers and right into the heart.

Kiss Me, Scarlett is one of those bands that should be experienced live, since they are notorious for their overwhelming energy on stage. The songwriting takes clear inspiration from bands like the Beatles, The Kinks and The Beach Boys whereas the live performance can be compared to The Clash.


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