Melvin Galapon


Name, where are you from?
Melvin Galapon, from Burnley in Lancashire.

What do you do?
I’m a Graphic Artist/Art Director.

Describe your style in three words:
Clean, Graphical, Minimal.

What music defines the teenage you?
I went through so many genres in my teens, in chronological order I went from RnB, Hip Hop, Happy Hardcore, Trance, House, Drum & Bass and ended up listening to Britpop/Indie.

Britpop/Indie brings back memories of getting wasted at my first ever gig at Mechanics in Burnley watching a then up and coming local band called Syndicate. That pretty much changed the teenage me forever.

A British icon that has inspired you?
Noel Gallagher. He’s a pretty straight talking person who doesn’t really give a f**k what anyone thinks. You’ve gotta love that really haven’t you, not to mention having written some modern classic songs. I’d just like to go for a pint with him, I think he’d be a right laugh.

What was the last piece of music you bought?
'The M3LL155X EP' by FKA Twigs.

What is your all-time favourite gig?
Too many to choose from, it’d have to be a toss up between Flying Lotus at the Roundhouse (the stage design for that gig was crazy!) or Atoms for Peace at the same venue.

Both were just epic for different reasons.

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