Percy Junior


Thursday 28th March 2019

The first track you played on repeat? And where did you play it?

Bill Withers - Lovely Day

I remember being at home at a very, very young age and hearing this song come on the stereo, it was on a compilation CD my ‘rents had and it blew my mind so I sat next to the speakers and reloaded the tune all day.

A song from your favourite album? And what does this track mean to you?

Nirvana - Drain You

This album got me through the years of severe teenage angst, it’s so easy and rewarding to listen to - god bless instant gratification. The track itself just happens to be my favourite one off the album!

A song from your most memorable gig?

The Libertines - Time For Heroes

The Libertines - Hyde Park 2014. This is one of the few songs that they had to stop midway through due to the crowd crush, hard not to forget being crushed within an inch of your life...good live band and all!

A song that always gets you up and dancing?

Marcos Valle - Estrelar

Big bassline, big chorus, big tune.

A new song you're listening to? Why do you like this artist?

audiobooks - Dance Your Life Away

This song is very off its nut but I guess that’s the proper appeal of it, they translate their live energy so well on record. First saw audiobooks at the 100 Club for a Fred Perry Subculture gig funnily enough, haven’t stopped banging on about them since.

Best song to turn up loud? And why?

Rod Stewart - Da Ya Think I'm Sexy

Works everywhere 100% of the time, 24/7.

A song that defines the teenage you? And the memories it evokes?

Giggs - Look What the Cat Dragged In

Always made me very gassed to be alive, questionable bars but still know every word and will happily recite if you ask me.

An anthemic song? Why does it get your pulse racing?

Ian Dury & The Blockheads - What A Waste

An anthem that encourages you to do whatever it is that gets you out of bed in the morning, even if it isn’t something that your parents originally had in mind for you.

Best song to end an all-nighter?

The 5th Dimension - Let The Sunshine In (Reprise) - Remastered 2000

Feels like it signifies the end of something, it’s euphoric without making you want much more...crucial to know when your night has come to an end.

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