The Orb 'More Tales From The Orbservatory'


Monday 12th August 2013

With Lee 'Scratch' Perry's appearance at Sub-Sonic Live approaching fast, we take a look at a notable piece of his recent output - namely his contribution to The Orb's 'More Tales From The Orbservatory'. Put together from the the same sessions that gave birth to 'The Observer in the Star House' (released last year) the album and 'Observering in the Star House In Dub' (the latter being instrumental remixes of the former).

A meeting of the abstract and the abstruse, with both collaborating parties supplying a measure of each quality, The Orb create a universe of empty space between their bass and high frequencies, allowing LSP plenty of room to populate the void with his sometimes profound, sometimes super-simplistic, verse. Arguably a more dubbed-out mini collection of songs than its older sibling 'More Tales From The Orbservatory' splits neatly into two roughly symetrical halves, with instrumental versions of five of the first six tracks making up the album's second half. Listen to standout track 'Making Love in Dub' - below:

Both Lee 'Scratch' Perry and The Orb began as self-made masters of the home built studio, Perry building The Black Ark in his own back yard, and The Orb's humble beginnings with Alex Paterson and Jimmy Cauty experimenting to make tracks out of old BBC sound effects records, samples and layered delay effects.

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