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'On My One' - New Album Details

Thursday 24th March 2016

Jake Bugg will release his long awaited new album, ‘On My One’ on 17th June via Virgin EMI. One of the most talked about scheduled releases of 2016 this third album by Jake Bugg has been highly anticipated in the time since the release of his double platinum 2012 eponymous debut and its 2013 follow up ‘Shangri La’.

The new album's first single ‘Gimme The Love’ has taken many by surprise with its gritty treatment and funky dancefloor shaking beat. Watch the video below.

Recorded in London, Los Angeles and Nottingham, highlights are many and include the moving ‘Love Hope And Misery’ driven by a huge chorus, the stomping ‘Bitter Salt’, the soulful ‘Never Wanna Dance’ and the defining title track. The phrase 'On My One' refers to Jake's largely solo approach to the album's creation. 

“In a lot of ways it sums up this record because it mainly has been me on my own,” Jake says. “I saw this as the logical next step in my development as a songwriter. It was a challenge but something I felt I had to do.”

Jake wrote all eleven songs, played most of the instruments, and produced most of the album (Jacknife Lee produced 3 tracks), recording in London, Los Angeles and Jake's native Nottingham. Listen to the album's title track below.

Despite the superficially different nature of the two songs made public so far, Jake points out that it's his roots in blues that tie the album together.

“Blues is my favourite genre,” Jake admits. “Whether it’s soul or hip hop, it all stems from the blues. To me the blues just means singing your emotions and expressing your pain so others can feel it. That’s the beauty of music. If nothing else, I’d like to think I’ve done that with this record.”


'On My One' full tracklisting:
1. On My One
2. Gimme The Love
3. Love, Hope and Misery
4. The Love We’re Hoping For
5. Put Out The Fire
6. Never Wanna Dance
7. Bitter Salt
8. Ain’t No Rhyme
9. Livin’ Up Country
10. All That
11. Hold On You

Photo: Tom Oxley

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