A Forest


Tuesday 8th November 2011

Just formed since late spring of 2009 the concept of A FOREST was constructed from the very beginning on a very close live performance. The unusual casting with drums, two-part voices, keys and a laptop as base enables an open soundcosmos. Live recorded trumpets and strings, synthie baselines, clicks and plops, contrasted with driving drumgrooves and choral singings. modern popmusic gave A FOREST also reference such as soul recordings of the 70ies as well as minimal techno. The voices of the two singers could´t be more different: on the one it´s Fabian Schuetzes rough warm timbre, on the other hand it´s Franziska Benkert transparent lines. And exactly this interplay shows unknown sums of the digits, contrasts and replenishment. Florian Wienczny is not singing, but he understands his drums not as mere rhythm machine, no, he plays it as an instrument between jazz phrasings and overpowering strategy.

Their debut "leaves leaves fall fall rain fall" was released in 2010 followed by a new Ep called "A Square" in spring 2011. The 5 outstanding tracks on the new Ep give an imprint of the bands progress. A powerful and deep sound, changing between close atmospheres and distant pictures, tumbling between minimalistic approach and epic gestures.

The Band played a lot of liveshows over the last 2 years all across europe, including this years "Dockville festival" in Hamburg and support shows for Hurts and Kakkmaddafakka. Tracks by A Forest were featured on BBC Radio6, german radio stations and were choosen for the recent "listen to berlin" sampler.

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