Abigail Wyles


Tuesday 6th August 2013

Abigail Wyles is a new, unquestionably talented female artist. A London based singer-songwriter with natural musicality and an intuitive sense of melody from a very early age. ‘Mantra’ is her debut release on MTA Records this summer.

Along with her long time cohort, production partner and instrumentalist Holly Simpson, Abigail is crafting her sound influenced by those singer-songwriters whom she wholeheartedly admires - Marvin Gaye and Kate Bush to name a couple. With some honest, powerful music from the likes of Nina Simone, Fleetwood Mac and The Eurhythmics thrown into the mix, what the pair create for 2013 and beyond, is original, modern pop music – a sound that’s both dynamic and haunting in equal measure.  

Holly and Abigail’s production develops around piano based melodies, crafting a unique soundscape, layering harmonies and live instrumentation with Abigail’s enigmatic voice leading the way. Indicative of their production style is ‘Mantra’ – a beautiful song that gently draws you in and swirls around your head and heart until it encapsulates you entirely.

If the debut offering is anything to go by, Abigail Wyles is 100% a name to watch in the coming months.

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