Wednesday 1st October 2014

It´s the year 2010 and at the beginning of the road three guys who don´t know how to construct a drum set are willing to play live. It´s three chords garage-punk. It´s anger, noise and fear. It´s a dog that barks.

In summer 2014 the time has come. Founded in Hamburg the band is now completed by keys and lead guitar, following new impulses and possibilities. There are ambitious lyrics, which are not easy to digest, but always honest. Abramowicz stands for walls of guitar sound sometimes blended with dance-beats and never ending joy of playing. In short: Take nordic melancholy and mix it up with traditional american rockartists such as Springsteen or The Gaslight Anthem and flavour it with the best of indie and pop and you have an idea what Abramowicz is about. It´s defiant elegance in times of descent. It´s the attempt

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