Friday 20th June 2014

Young Swedish artist Adna just released her debut album ‘Night’ via Despotz Records.

After last years EP-release as a newly emerged eighteen year old, Adna’s music has been present in several TV series, she has stood on the Swedish Royal Dramatic Theatre's scene with Martin Sheen and Kerry Kennedy (at an event for human rights; Speak Truth To Power) and received much appreciation for her YouTube covers of First Aid Kit’s The Lion's Roar and Indochine’s J'Ai Demande A La Lune.

During the past year, the awards have been raining over Adna with several scholarships and even cultural support from the Arts Council. Now she has graduated, turned the age of nineteen and is releasing her debut album Night.

Two singles The Prettiest and Dreamer was released during 2012, and the album's title track Night was released as a single this spring. All three music videos were recorded during the spring in Krakow [PL]  in only three days, which resulted in a trilogy recorded by the same film crew (Czlowiek Camera Design & Photography).

The entire album is written in only five days, or rather five nights, hence the title. It was produced by Adna and was recorded in two different studios: one in Stockholm with Samuel Lindberg, and the other half with the artist Ida Redig in Gothenburg, who also co-produced one song, Thoughts, on the album.

All music Adna writes starts off with a Swedish lyric, guitar riff and a sound in her head which she later tries to convert into English. She likes to combine acoustic with electronic sounds, which we will hear more of in the future.

"It's because there's so much with the night that is inspiring, because it is the silence that will bring out new sounds (silence creates room to think and create yourself). Night is an attempt to get out thoughts through music." – Adna


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