All Our Tomorrows

The 100 Club, London, Sunday 7th October

Wednesday 12th September 2018

Twelve of the most innovative UK artists in the world's oldest independent venue - The 100 Club, London. Showcasing the groundbreaking creativity of British youth.

Black Midi • Denzel Himself • Puma Blue • Skinny Pelembe • Kojaque • Alaskalaska • Dylan Cartlidge • Sons of Raphael • Black Country, New Road • audiobooks • Jockstrap • Jerskin Fendrix

DJs - Phil Taggart (Radio 1) • Tom Ravenscroft (6 Music) • Queen Kong (NTS) Jamz Supernova (1 Xtra)

Hailing from London to Redcar, the line-up features some of the most pioneering musicians in one unique line-up, and all on one day. From punk-hip-hop and experimental electro-pop. Find out more about the twelve artists and bands appearing at All Our Tomorrows below.

Black Midi
Described by fellow Londoners Shame, as "The Best Band In London" and "Disturbingly brilliant", Black Midi continue to be one of the most mysterious bands on the scene. Despite their continued policy of keeping a low online profile, they are the band that everybody is talking about.

Denzel Himself
Influenced by the ethos of legendary American hardcore band Trash Talk and inspired by the vision of a diverse range of filmmakers, Denzel Himself, writes, raps and produces his music as well as directing all his own videos - doing everything himself.  

"While his distinct flow and cadence is real Genius-scouring territory - Denzel’s lyricism operates on another plane. Even in conversation, he drops words like “monolithic” like it’s nothing". - Clash

Puma Blue
Bringing together elements of jazz and soul and capturing them in his own unique lo-fi style, Puma Blue is another South London artist that defies the conventions set out by musicians that have come before him. 

"Jacob Allen makes punk-infused jazz which sways from sexy and deeply intense to emotive and all the way round again in every song and makes him a key contender to be one of London’s finest young artists". - Dummy

Listen to our subculture Playlist with Puma Blue here.

Skinny Pelembe
One of the recent success stories to come out of Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood label, Skinny Pelembe grew up in Doncaster, inspired by artists as diverse as Madlib, Jimi Hendrix and John Coltrane.

"Pelembe exhibits a wholly unique sonic aesthetic on “I Just Wanna Be Your Prisoner,” this time with a pulsing, trance-like production that remains understatedly funky". - Lost In The Manor

Listen to our Subculture Playlist with Skinny Pelembe here

Fine art graduate, filmmaker and musician, Dublin rapper Kevin Smith is making huge waves in the world of Irish hip-hop and getting plaudits further afield too.

"This is an artist who comes at things from an angle, veering away from the obvious and embracing an abstract and sometimes avant-garde..." - Irish Times

A London six-piece band who formed after meeting at university, ALASKALASKA bring together indie, jazz, funk and R&B to form truly experimental pop music. Avoiding the conventional indie gigging limelight, the band have stirred up interest with their rare live outings and tracks such as 'Bitter Winter', 'Monster' and 'Meateater'.

"This six-piece have built a cult following from a handful of dates in their native London. Short but sweet, these low-key shows are rammed with sweaty punters all raving to a monstrous groove." - NME

Dylan Cartlidge
Haling from Redcar near Middlesborough, Dylan Cartlidge is a left-field rapper and multi-instrumentalist. Selected by BBC Introducing for Reading and Leeds 2018, his sound fuses American and Northern British influences as it does hip-hop and indie.

"...his work feels like an ATLien transplanted to the North East, the grind of that post-industrial environment fused with some surreal alt-pop word-play". - Clash

Sons of Raphael
Consisting of brothers Loral and Ronnel, Sons of Raphael have created an entertaining theatrical mythology about themselves despite only having released a couple of songs, as illustrated by their recent performance and recording of their track 'Eating People' in front of the chapel congregation at their old boarding school.

"Their raw, instinctive rock and roll is a guttural call to arms, with teaser tracks ‘Eating People’ and ‘Rio’ utilizing distortion as a third band member and brevity as a fourth" - Loud and Quiet

Black Country, New Road
Groundbreaking multi-instrumentalists - pushing boundaries of alt-jazz into electro and way beyond. With a current profile even more underground and mysterious than Black Midi - yet with a music collaboration list already hitting stellar levels. 

"Black Country, New Road make south London experimental rocknroll goodness with added violin and saxophone". - The Quietus

An avant-garde duo comprising Evangeline Ling and David Wrench, audiobooks performed their first gig in 2018 at the Heavenly Weekender in Hebden and are also set to release their debut LP via Heavenly Records later this year. The pair juxtaposes unconventional lyrical and musical elements with Ling's performances drawing comparisons to great innovators such as Bjork and Mark E Smith, creating ambitious, sexy art house pop.

"...she is mercurial. Like Mark E Smith, she offers glimpses of other worlds, grubby places behind closed doors, snatches of sinister conversations often in an unfamiliar language." - The Quietus

Georgia Ellery and Taylor Skye met as drama students and formed Jockstrap a year later. Their performing arts backgrounds give them access to elements of jazz, classical and electronic music as well as experimental production techniques and captivating moving imagery to accompany their music. 

"Rarely do acts arrive so fully fledged, not only with a certain sound to call their own but also with a striking visual aesthetic" - Hard Of Hearing Music

Jerskin Fendrix
Another artist exploring the boundaries of what pop music can be, Jerskin Fendrix's recent work ranges from an experimental opera performed at the V&A to many well-received outings of his unconventional yet accessible electronic pop in live environments such as Brixton's Windmill. 

"The way the song builds to this moment is near perfection with the euphoric synths returning and the beat dropping out before the real pop magic is introduced"Not Another Music Blog

Listen to our Spotify playlist featuring some of the artists appearing at All Our Tomorrows.

The live sets will be expertly interwoven by some of the most highly influential new music DJs:

Phil Taggart (Radio 1)
Co-curator of All Our Tomorrows with Subculture

Phil's musical coming of age saw him play bass in a band at 15, organise gigs at 16, become a music writer at 17 and a DJ at 18 - as soon as he could legally be in a club to do so. He currently has the Sunday 10pm to 1am slot on Radio 1 and runs his own label Hometown Records, responsible for releases by Rhodes, Touts, and Rat Boy.

Phil’s passion for new music made him tailor-made to co-curate this groundbreaking and forward looking line-up.

Queen Kong (NTS)
AKA Cherish Kaya, founder of Kaya Kaya Records which showcases emerging talent, Queen Kong is one of NTS' most eclectic shows bringing together varied and off-kilter music selections.

Tom Ravenscroft (6 Music)
A champion of new music since the '00s, developing the Unpredictable Porridge web portal for unsigned bands (which took its name from a famous quote by his father, John Peel). Tom Ravenscroft was central to the success of Channel 4's New Music Download show which led to many emerging artists getting signed. Now a respected authority on new music, Tom currently presents shows for BBC 6 Music.

Jamz Supernova (1 Xtra)
At just 27 years old, Jamz Supernova is becoming somewhat of a trailblazer, with an impressive track record as a tastemaker, DJ and radio presenter. Starting her career with Represent 107.3FM, landing a slot with BBC 1 Xtra and a key figure in the rise of UK’s Future RnB scene.

For full details of Sunday's running order and stage times click here.

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