Anita Drake


Wednesday 8th May 2013

"Dorothee and Manuel. Surely, Anita Drake is a two-headed beast. A gorgeous and hypersensitive beauty covered in tattoos down to her soul, Dorothee is definitely more than another blues singer with rock influences. She's a creature. And while she's on edge, songwriter Manuel knows how to bring out the best of her captivating harmonies and make you spellbound. There's a terrific sense of hurry in them, one that makes you realize how life is short and you've to make up for lost time, but no affected posing here: Anita Drake is just feverish haste and sensuality, a blend of angry guitar riffs and soul touching melodies.

The duet is back from a long foray into the American sources of blues and rock'n roll. One of a lifetime. They've captured some of the very essence of wide spaces and tantalizing landscapes, and their songs definitely carry the mark of it. White Stripes and Tom Waits’ unexpected heir, Anita Drake is a whirlwind in the desert, a walk on scorched coals. It’s like one of those nights when rolling your cigarettes you notice that guy in a dim light – holding a match and mocking you...

With their sad romances and enlightening pleas where layers of arrangements are never merged but just delicately stacked, Anita Drake suggests a new and intriguing way of envisioning the postmodern music spleen. Give a bit of yourself away and listen."

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