Anna Sne


Friday 8th November 2013

It has taken Anna Sne many years to dare to do it fully. The dream, the ambition, the talent and the songs have been there for years, but to finish something and then trust that it is good enough is a completely different matter. Now, the singer has taken the first step.

Anna Sne is the musical alias of the Copenhagen-based singer and songwriter, Anna Cecilie Schneekloth. Schneekloth is a dutch family name that has been passed on for generations, meaning little snow hill. Since it doesn’t sound danish and was very hard for fans to spell, Anna decided a while back to change her musical alias to Anna Sne – meaning Anna Snow, which is also a pretty good indicator of the general mood of the record, the northern melancholy and minimalism being strongly present on the album.

Her debut EP ”Under The Moon” was released on october 7th, and together with her long time collaborator and pianist, Mathias Madsen Munch, she is now playing both older and brand new songs for the audience again. 

Is has been a long process for the two musicians to record the 5-song EP. They have recorded almost all the instruments themselves - from drums to piano and glockenspiel – in Mathias’ small appartment in the north-western part of Copenhagen. A cellist, a guitarist and a violinist came by later and recorded some additional tracks in the small home studio. 

”We’ve been playing a lot with the songs, taken them to extremes and back again in the proces of letting them find their own sound and mood. None of the songs sound as I thought they would when we when we first started recording, but I’m happy with the result and the lille errors that I am now forced to live with but which also make the songs sound alive and remind me that the music has it’s own life separate from me. Not everything can nor should be controlled”, the singer says. 

”Under The Moon” is mixed and mastered by the danish sound engineer Vagn Luv, who has previously worked with big national artists such as L.O.C., Julie Maria, Karen, and many more. It contains 5 tracks  and the lyrics are about everything from love to traffic accidents and distant childhood memories. According to Anna Schneekloth it is important to embrace everything in life - the beautiful and the ugly as well as the strange and the painful parts. Because life holds everything - it is ups and downs and that is what Anna Sne is trying to capture in her music, with a dash of irony and lightness added to it all – because once in a while you also have to be able to laugh about it all.

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