Wednesday 25th February 2015

Although there are different ways of understanding Galician surely "viravolta" would best translation into Castilian "somersault". In any case, on the concept of rotation, I can think of few better titles for the third disc (so to speak, because then you have to take) Marco A. Maril, aka Apennines.

A work in the Compostela (although based in Vigo) is spinning his obsession with electropop sound that has been the watchword since the early days of Dar Ful Ful. In this case, the guiding light that was once the little independent scene that moved through Galicia a couple of decades ago, now gives a twist to your bet (one viravolta) and sings more than half of the disc in Galician.

One feels on familiar and pleasant land from start 'Conversa overseas', which starts a disk on which the political concerns of Marco come to light, according to his way of seeing things from always, more recently, when the Galician artist becomes a very rebellious. And not only in his lyrics. Viravolta (Javelin Music, 2014) is a disk containing seven themes, among which 'infinite pains', a song in which the usual electronic databases have a more appealing look and something darker, far from the usual clearness in Apenino . Moreover, surprises like this unrecognizable version of shrimp, 'The Legend of Time' hand Monica Vacas a labelmate in another time you saw your beautiful voice to this song, complete an album that, moreover, has a lot of hardness, choked:

Reza letter 'Oppression', implying that rebel song of Marco has clenched teeth, and has led to a degree of more than obvious crudeness. A notable disk. Another, in the case of a tissue Apennines has always compelling atmospheres, such as in 'Social scam', making it hears a strong recommendation.

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