Tuesday 19th March 2013

Half German, half American but raised and refined in Crystal Palace, Arlissa’s poster-girl looks and effortless songwriting present the image of a bulletproof pop-star-in-waiting. Don’t let that fool you. Aged just twenty, Arlissa’s is a surprisingly turbulent tale of hard-fought independence and maturity, all of which seeps into the emotional core of her material. 

Arlissa’s songwriting is as honest and vulnerable as a twenty year old’s should be, but a consistent theme is her ability to turn these universal tales of heartache and independence into something more escapist, uplifting and strong. Future single ‘Writing on the Wall’ is a dramatic and impassioned meditation on the breakup with her ex, but as its marching Latin beats and soaring chorus imply, this is not your traditional weepy ballad.

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