Art And Alcohol - Tate Britain

Alcohol in British Art - 19th Century to Present Day

Thursday 18th August 2016

There's still time to visit Art and Alcohol at London's Tate Britain.

British artists, musical, literary, visual and otherwise, have often had an influencing relationship of one sort or another with alcohol in its many forms - the subject of this display at the iconic gallery.

Ever since William Hogarth's depictions of the Georgians and their gin, the enjoyment and suffering of the population caused by booze has been a popular subject, whether as social lubricant or as a factor in social breakdown. This display will centre on a contrast between George Cruikshank’s vast painting Worship of Bacchus 1860-2, which illustrates the dire effects of drink across society, and Gilbert & George’s Drinking Sculpture 1972, a set of progressively blurred photographs of drinkers in London pubs. 


Art and Alcohol will be on display at Tate Britain until October 2016

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