Artist Pete McKee re-works Film Posters for Warp 10


Thursday 1st November 2012

To mark their tenth anniversary Warp Films have commissioned Sheffield artist, Pete McKee to re-work 10 of their already iconic film posters including This is England, Dead Man Shoes and Submarine, giving them all his unique perspective. A slight diversion from Mckee's usual work the artist said this about the exciting cross-media project:

"When Warp asked me to paint their favourite films I immediately said yes and then wondered how I was going to portray a film where there are 11 murders in it and another film where a lovely dog meets an untimely end in the first scene. Not my usual subject matter, but an interesting challenge"

We've been lucky enough to get our hands on a trio of images to provide you with a preview of what to expect:

Above: Directed by Shane Meadows and starring Vicky McClure, "This is England" spawned sequels "This is England 86" and "This is England 88", screened on Channel 4, becoming landmark event television in their own right. Vicky McClure (pictured top right as Lorraine "Lol" Jenkins) and Shane Meadows will be among those providing DJ sets, alongside Andrew Weatherall at the Dead Man's Shoes Live Re-score (see end of post for full details of events including This is England Marathon and exhibition of the artworks).

Above: "Dead Man's Shoes" gripped audiences in 2004, with its uncompromising plot of revenge, and a terrifying performance from actor Paddy Considine (pictured with gasmask). An unconventional soundtrack, including Warp artists Aphex Twin and Gravenhusrt alongside Richard Hawley and Smog added to the film's bleak tension.

Above: A surprising yet charming coming of age story, "Submarine", directed by Richard Ayoade was expertly soundtracked by his long time collaborator Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys, with an album's worth of songs perfectly capturing the bitter-sweet sentiment of the film.

Full list of film posters re-worked by Mckee is as follows: "This is England", "Dead Man Shoes", "Snowtown", "Kill List", "Bunny and the Bull", "All Tomorrow's parties", "Four Lions", "La Donk and Scor-zay-zee", "Submarine" and "Tyrannosaur".

You will be able to see all 10 posters at Warp 10 events in Sheffield during November:

Warp Films retrospective
Showroom Cinema, Sheffield - Friday 2 - 9 November.
The Showroom will be screening various Warp Films productions from the last ten years, including a This is England marathon, with select films accompanied with Q&A's, music and more. The Artwork will be on display in the Showroom bar and is free however there may be a charge for some of the events at the Cinema.

Dead Man's Shoes Live Re-score
Magna Science Centre - Saturday 17 November.
Warp Films celebrates 10 years of pioneering cinema with an exclusive large-scale screening of Dead Man's Shoes, re-scored live by Gavin Clark (Clayhill, UNKLE), Joel Cadbury (UNKLE, South), Ali Friend (Clayhill), Jah Wobble, Marc Layton-Bennett, James Griffith (UNKLE) & Helen Boulding.
Followed by DJs Andrew Weatherall, Tom Ravenscroft and Pablo Clements. Plus All-Night Warp Films Cinema and DJ sets from Shane Meadows, Vicky McClure, Justin Kurzel and more.

For further information on Warp 10 events please visit their website at

Find out more about Pete Mckee at


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