Axolotes Mexicanos


Monday 28th July 2014

If there is a contemporary group that can be the living image of insulting, impertinent rebelliousness together with the most irreverent youthfulness, that group is definitely AXOLOTES MEXICANOS. Olaya and Stephen met in their school’s courtyard and decided to start a band. They completed their new group with Juan, Olaya’s twin brother. With a median age that barely reaches 19, this Asturian trio goes from crazy punk to the most playful, demo-friendly electro-pop with energy, muscle, strength and a lot of ferocity. They are the protégées of and were produced by Iván Juniper and Eva Guilala, and they recorded in that reservoir of today’s indie pop, the Estudios Kaiju. “Infectados” is the first official release from this young band after their appearance on our Christmas compilation album, “A Christmas Gift For You from Elefant Records”.

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