Bat And Ball


Wednesday 2nd October 2013

‘We Prefer It In The Dark’ is the debut EP from super talented newcomers Bat and Ball, and due for release on 14th October 2013. These are songs for the head and heart. Four beautifully contemporary, intelligent and soulful songs that strike a perfect balance between indie and electronica. Bat and Ball’s widescreen sound melds intricate, fragmented beats, swelling synths, handclap goodness and shimmering guitars. The title track is already causing a buzz on the blogosphere with early rave reviews.

The nucleus of the band is brother and sister Abi and Chris Sinclair. Born in the West Country, they were writing and performing in various bands from their early teens, though never together. Moving to London and both studying at Goldsmiths College brought them closer, musically and personally, and it was a natural progression to begin to work together artistically. So in 2012 the two began their musical incarnation as Bat and Ball.

The special connection between Chris and Abi is evident in the way they write and perform together. Their relationship remains the axis of the band but in order to really bring their music to life Chris and Abi recruited fellow Goldsmiths students Ed Burton on drums, Jamie Coe on guitar and Harri Chambers on keyboards to the line up. Superb musicians and writers in their own right, they bring a breadth of sound, subtle colours and explosive dynamics to the mix.

The siblings’ writing process often seems telepathic. They don’t explain their songs to each other. Their musical ideas are messages that each needs to decrypt. The songs’ sometimes confessional lyrics are hidden behind imaginary, shadowy characters that reveal themselves in the dark dreaminess of the music. Intriguing and captivating in equal measure.

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