Wednesday 11th January 2012

Under the alias, Just A Number 05272011 hit the blogs sphere back in March 2011. With one track on soundcloud and a minimalistic DYI video, that band actuated the attentions of 200.300 blogs in two weeks time. With nothing else but there location stated on there soundcloud profile to be from Isle Of Man, the band had the blog world and fan go crazy trying to dig out any information. It wasn't until a Danish blog a couple of month later discovered the band and linked the date 27th of May to the SPOT Festival i Denmark. That day the band played there first concert ever at the SPOT Festival, and revealed there true identity as BATTLEKAT.

The music in centered around a melancholic Scandinavian electrons beat, and the charismatic voice of there female lead singer. The bands bag-ground in rock-punk still lingers on, and the result is a metallic and melancholy avant-garde rock that defines a new and exciting direction for Scandinavian electro pop.BATTLEKAT has played at the Roskilde Festival and some other trendsetting festivals in Denmark, and will during the late summer be playing at MC Dockville in Germany and Debaser in Stockholm, among others before going on a small UK tour in October.

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