Bee Vs. Moth


Saturday 15th November 2014

Austin, Texas jazz-punk group Bee Vs. Moth have dropped a video for "Machine Room Reverie," a track from the album Shelter in Place (self-released 9 September, 2014), which follows the 2007 debut, Soundhorn, and 2010's Acronyms.

The no budget, charmingly DIY clip marries moving and still images (most of which look to be circa 1960s-70s), video feedback, psychedelic pinwheels and tightly composed live action shots (a hand stacking VHS tapes, a woman putting on an earring, the winding of a wristwatch, the lighting of a candle, etc) to a song that is far more composed than previous Bee Vs. Moth tracks. There are elements of post-rock and 20th Century classical in the mix and nary a trace of the group’s usual new wave/no wave tendencies. A skittery drum pattern, light percussion and cello are the primary components in a decidedly minimalist arrangement.

Bassist Philip Moody and drummer Sarah Norris started Bee vs. Moth as a duo and began performing in 2004. BvsM has since grown into a diverse, rotating cast (including James Fidlon on guitar) with quirky arrangements featured in film and TV scores, original videos and live shows in Austin and throughout the country. 

Bee Vs. Moth Live:
9 December in Austin, TX @ Holy Mountain
20 December in Austin, TX @ Vortex Theater - Yule Bazaar
23 January in Austin, TX @ Carousel Lounge

Written by August Forte

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