Crowd funded film pays homage to Quadrophenia

Friday 8th April 2016

'Being' is the latest project from international artist and filmmaker, Devlin Crow - in collaboration with Better with Jam and Fettle Animation. As the images below will no doubt illustrate, 'Being' makes reference to the great 'Quadrophenia', filmed in Brighton and starring Quadrophenia cast members Mark Wingett and Trevor Laird.

The film tells the story of Buddy, a young boy who is being bullied for being different whilst suffering frustration and anger as a young carer for his Mum, who has Multiple Sclerosis, in the absence of his estranged father. 

Buddy and his Mum find escape in a world of sixties music and their shared a love of bands like The Who, The Kinks and The Animals. One day Buddy meets an out of work actor, Doley (played by Mark Wingett). In a pleasing suspension of reality it turns out that Doley, like Mark Wingett himself, was in the movie, Quadrophenia. Buddy and Doley become great friends, and Doley recognising Buddy's sacrifice and struggle decides to take Buddy on a day out.

Devlin Crow explains “I have always had an affinity with Quadrophenia due to growing up in Brighton and remembering the Mod gathering and scooters then. My youth and view of Brighton is fused with the film and the Mod scene”

“The outsider element at the core of the film focuses on young carers who battle caring for love ones, the dynamics of parent and child is upturned causing strain. Their efforts go unnoticed by the larger society”

Crow describes his inspiration “The character of the Margaret, the mother who has Multiple Sclerosis is an amalgamation of my favourite auntie who absolutely loves The Who and my wife Kennedy Crow, who has a personality that lights up the room with her smile and her northern humour. She copes with great humour and grace.”

One of the most exciting things about the project is that you can get involved with funding the film via Kickstarter (see link at end of post) with pledges ranging from £2 all the way up to one pledge of £5000 - which will bag you an invite to the film's premiere and ownership of 'The Golden Prince' - a pop-art sculpture once owned by non other than Pete Townshend, notable for its appearance in a documentary about Peter Blake! Watch the Kickstarter video below for more information.

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