Ben Ellis


Thursday 7th March 2013

Brooklyn's power pop Clandestine album was surely one of the most inspiring for the young French pop generation, as it led them touring Europe, Japan, the US... . But the band that made it, seemed unable to challenge it.

So songwriter and frontman Ben left for a two year break to New York, looking out for inspiration and making artist friends in the city that doesn't sleep. For Ben, melody is the key, as it was already with his former band Brooklyn ! Naturally tunes started popping up there as he started to forge his own personal style and manner.

Back to Paris with a few good memories and a suitcase full of new songs, Ben started looking out to settle his new live band under the name of Ben Ellis. Their first two concerts in December were crammed and their third gig was already aired on national radio!

Seeking his new sound, he went to record his first Ep with Alex Gopher, one of the inventors of the French Touch sound (Super Discount). The result are four pure bombastic songs; think of a combination of early Phoenix and Rapture dance-floor balls!

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