Wednesday 3rd July 2013

Berlinist seed already existed. It was not from January 2011 that it started taking shape and becoming what is known as a band. Berlinist creative point and headquarters was to be set up in Barcelona. Initially a trio, Marco Alba (piano, keyboards, guitar, vocals), Luigi Gervasi (harmonium, keyboards, back vocals) and Gemma Gamarra (vocals, guitar, accordion, autoharp, marxophone) began working on some pieces. New members joined the band in the following months: Silvia Hernández (violin, cello), Caterina Martí (violin), Joan Piqué (bass) and Alfredo Bella (drums).

Berlinist music is based on emotions and communicating them by means of natural and true instruments that reach the listeners. They are continuously in search for the right instruments to complete their sound. "Landscapes" is their first single, published in early 2013. Previously, the music's most important free magazine in Spain Mondosonoro positioned them in number 1 of best 2012 demos.

"Ollie falls asleep", one of their demo songs, has been already included in the soundtarck for the canadian short film "Gravité" (Jérémy Comte).

Berlinist will be playing several festivals in Spain next summer after the good impression given in the gigs at Almeria Theater where they played surrounded by
people and with almost no amplification.

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