Big Skies


Wednesday 3rd October 2012

Ideas of forever, endlessness and possibility, sunshine and vast expanses.  Filthy and beautiful, ugly yet pure. The underlying energy of punk with the gentle touch of ambient. BIG SKIES are a self professed Psychedelic Britpop band that are all about the above and much much more.

This is the story of the how BIG SKIES came to be born. A brain child of 3 childhood friends that marks the beginning of an exciting new adventure. In 2010 Jack Wharton (Guitarist) and Adam Neal (Bass Guitar) approached Jim Cubitt (Lead singer) outside a pub in South London. They were all musicians and life long friends who had become tired and frustrated with their lives in England's busy capital. They needed a break, something different, a change that would spark a new lease of life and a new found energy that would later be the catalyst that would start this unique project. Both Jack and Adam had just recently returned from Berlin where they had  been flown out to DJ. On their return you could notice a change, there was a drive again an excitement, still buzzing from a city that offers so much opportunity (and considering its jagged past) so much freedom. The three friends sat down and thought very long and hard about what to do, if it was even possible to consider leaving their lives in London to start a fresh the other side of the English channel. It was, and the decision was made. 6 weeks later they arrived in Berlin.

At first the -15 degrees and thick ice and snow of Berlin's dark winter was enough to deal with let alone writing music. It wasn't until the spring of 2011 when the sun came out that  they picked up a guitar and started playing with some ideas. All three of them were living in the same flat and in fact in the same room which certainly created an intense atmosphere which added to the energy and ideas that you hear in their songs today. Due to moving to another country the boys were only armed with a laptop and only guitars that they could beg steal and borrow from anyone who would lend them out. Jim and Jack immediately started writing and would record basic demos on Jacks Mac using only an acoustic guitar and a delay pedal. With these tools they would experiment though the night, discovering new sounds and atmospheres that they never thought possible from such limited resources. This lofi approach in the early days is still so apparent in the more recent developed songs, and is without doubt such an important part in the growth of BIG SKIES.

Although they were writing and playing together, nothing actually came into fruition until the late spring of 2012 when they stumbled across Alex Cummings; a Canadian jazz trained drummer who had moved over to Berlin the summer before. Now the line up was complete. Immediately there was a connection between all of them. From the first practice with Alex they could sense a feeling of unity and togetherness. They set out straight away on an intense rehearsal schedule where they could spend as much time as they wanted locked away on the 6th floor of an old DDR office block. In this room they played together for hours and formed enough tunes to go and record there first six songs as a band. They went into Funkhaus studios, Berlin where they recorded 6 songs live in 2 days. That was the first step in the career of BIG SKIES. The result is a sonic experiment of Psychedelic Britpop, relating to their influences from the past such as The Stooges, The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Cure and Stone Roses whilst at the same time pushing into something entirely new and exciting.

There is no doubt that you can feel the energy when you're around this band. Even tho they've only been together for a few months you can see a burning desire to show the world what they can do. And from listening to their songs I'm sure they will.

The band are continuously writing new material and love playing together, their music is their life and they want to carry on sharing it with anyone who wants to listen. Keep in touch to see what happens next.

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