Blau Blume


Friday 8th November 2013

"Blaue Blume is Søren, Robet, Jonas and Peter. We have always known each other and have always played together. We recorded a handful of songs during a road trip through the US and Canada in a van that served as our studio and home. It was here that we sketched out the musical, organic, and personal core of the songs. Upon returning to Denmark, we moved into a house by the coast, where we continued developing the first batch of songs while writing a lot of new material. 'On New Years Eve' and 'Jealousy' were completed during this time.

At the very moment new materiel is being finished, and we are just about to go into the studio and record this.

When working with our music, we find inspiration in the drama of The Smiths, the melodic structures of Cocteau Twins, the complexity and dynamics of 'The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway' (Genesis), the sexy "dancyness" of Roxy Music and the ominous tenderness of Nina Simone. Just to name a few from a personnel point of view."

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