Bleach Boy


Monday 11th March 2019

Name, where are you from?
Bleach Boy, Manchester. Milo (Vocals + Guitar), Tommi (Guitar), Sam (Bass) and Cian (Drums).

Describe your style in three words?
Whatever is clean.

What’s the best gig you’ve ever been to?
Milo: I saw Sleaford Mods when they sold out at Rock City in Nottingham. That’s where I met what’s his face with the chops. Guy Martin. Although it could’ve just been a guy that looked a lot like Guy Martin. Either way, I shook his hand. Looking back it probably wasn’t Guy Martin.

If you could be on the line up with any two bands in history?
Milo: Nirvana – They were a voice and attitude that hasn’t been touched since. I’d love to see them trash a kit in real life, too. 
Cian: Deftones – Because of the fire beats.

Which subcultures have influenced you?
Punk, Grunge, Goth, Post-Punk, Emo, Hippie.

If you could spend an hour with anyone from history?
Milo: Iggy Pop, he’s one of the only godfathers of rock left. He’s the coolest grandad ever.

Of all the venues you’ve played, which is your favourite?
Soupy. (Soup Kitchen, Manchester). It’s not too big, not too small. The sound guys are ace. There’s no longer a pisser in the green room but they’ve redone everything and it looks sick. We played there with Surfbort and they were filming their music video for 'Billy' which we ended up in. We spoke about jackets and gave them a Dandelion and Burdock. The drummer liked it.

Your greatest unsung hero or heroine in music?
Jordaan Mason. A really intelligent lyricist touching on a lot of issues.

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