Boat Beam


Tuesday 1st May 2012

In two years, Boat Beam haven´t wasted any time. They´ve toured Japan and Vietnam, played at Paredes de Coura in Portugal, the Primavera Sound and BAM festivals in Barcelona, and been heard regularly on the best radio stations, from Radio 3 (Spain) to the BBC. And meanwhile, they´ve evolved. Two years is enough time to sow the seeds of new influences, get wiser, get better...

Boat Beam is still the same group of three girls from three different countries, who met in Madrid and decided to form a band. Josephine, Alisha and Aurora, Australian, American and Spanish, released their first album "Puzzle Shapes" almost three years ago and surprised the Spanish indie scene with the freshness of their style - a mix of folk, indie and "chamber pop." Audiences loved them because they couldn´t pigeonhole them. "Puzzle Shapes" was a beautiful album, full of intimate songs with a distinctive personality.

Now, with concerts and international tours under their belt, award nominations, the EP "Paper Birds" and the inclusion of their song "The Rain Pauly" in Spanish film "Planes para Mañana," Boat Beam has arrived at an even better place.

The second album "Reincarnation" is here. With more confidence, stylistic variety and a new electronic element, this album gives us a completely new perspective of the band and their highly original way of writing songs. With so much going on in just a few short years, who knows what Boat Beam will do next.

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