Boho Dancer


Wednesday 2nd November 2011

Behind the name Boho Dancer lies a melancholic soul in a powerful woman. The core of the band's music is the reckless yet fragile expression of Ida Wenoee, The grandiose music has a stripped- down Nordic tone, which creates a captivating and unexpected depth. Drawing on influences as diverse as Patti Smith, Nina Simone and Simon & Garfunkel, Boho Dancer provide a complex and unique sound that is both contemporary and primordial.

The music always played an important role in Ida’s life. She always felt the need to express herself through music and as a teenager she stumbled upon her mother’s old acoustic guitar. Since then a stream of songs have flowed from the young artist. After a year of formal musical studies, Ida realised that this wasn’t satisfying her growing need of expressing her musical ideas. She embarked on an uncertain but rewarding journey with one single goal: to fullfill the big potential of her songwriting talent. In her band Boho Dancer, she found an environment where she can flourish.

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