Thursday 5th September 2013

BOMBEE produce their fragile samples and ar- rangements on their own. With a mathematic meti- colousness and precision they put everything together to a dynamic entirety. The listener gets motivated to listen use their inner ear and let got melancholy as well as the feeling to have arrived in the now and here.

Withtheir new EP “Aurelia” (our Oct 25th), BOMBEE find their place between Woodkid, Caribou and Anto- ny And The Johnsons. Thematically BOMBEE ex- plain interpersonal relations and self-reflection from different points of view. In life there is no right and wrong, since everything is a matter of opinion. And so also the listeners also get encouraged to find their own opinion about things.

The first Single “Momo” will be release on Aug 23rd

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