Boy Friend - 'Egyptian Wrinkle'


Tuesday 7th February 2012

Christa Palazzolo and Sarah Brown head up Boy Friend, an ambient heady haze of a band with soft undertones of varying elements, almost impossible to pinpoint, creating a genre they can claim their own. We take a closer look at their debut 'Egyptian Wrinkles' which was released yesterday, 6th of February through HELL YES records.

If consistency is your thing, then you may want to delve deeper into the world of Boy Friend, as their debut has this in abundance. The album as a whole is effortless, flowing from one track to the next. This does not mean that you have to listen in the correct order, this will not ruin your experience, as what they seem to have done is pretty crafty. By creating a soundscape, a tapestry of sounds if you will, they can mould the composition into something brand new, but still sticking with the same elements. In theory, you could argue that it is all the same. What they have really conveyed though is that from their mood board, they can construct and portray an array of feelings, bringing diversity to familiarity.

Listening closely reveals undertones of soft tribal drumming. This may not be intended, but for a base like this spread over the LP, it lifts and separates otherwise potentially smothering ambience. The girl's voices hover effortlessly above this all, floating on the calm with evocative, indelible beauty. This is haunting melancholy at its finest, starting vocally minor, transitioning smoothly into major evokes powerful emotions.

'Egyptian Wrinkles' could have quite easily been plucked from a fantasy film soundtrack. Perhaps they will try their hands at this, because to apply matching imagery to their dulcet movements would take things to a whole new level. Saying this, we're sure that their music will be in high demand in the television and film world, because sometimes, you cannot imitate music such as theirs.

BOY FRIEND - Lovedropper (Official Video) from HELL, YES! on Vimeo.


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