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Monday 9th January 2012

With the risk of sounding like I just became a parent, or that I’m a member of Oasis, I’d like to say that “CURRENT AFFAIR MEDIUM RARE” is one of the best albums in a long time. It’s true, it’s true! I don’t want to describe the music in words or using references since I’d like the songs to get the chance to talk for themselves, but I can say as much as this: I’ve tried to sum up the album with the title. However, what I really hope for is, that the album will work as a friend, a consolation and a way out. Personally, that’s what I like to get out of listening to music. I’ve been trying all along to make an album that sounds big, lively and welcoming.

“CURRENT AFFAIR MEDIUM RARE” was recorded in the south of Sweden, on a farm converted into a studio with a lot of stuff, a few cats and unfortunately no sight of Per Gessle (Roxette), even though he apparently records there all the time. I produced this album myself, together with Per Nordmark (Fireside, Breach) and Mathias Oldén (Hives, Johnossi, Last days of April).

I started making music around six years ago. I can hardly remember it, but I sold a lot of Demos through my website. It was a little like doing the washing up, or taking a shower: Ok, it’s Burn-fold-and-put-in-envelopes-hour. I didn’t spend too much time or effort on arrangements and production, I just concentrated on the songwriting. I recorded an E.P. while waiting for financial help to record an album. The money never arrived and now I think maybe that was for the best, because I then had to learn how to do things on my own. “TOP QUALITY BONES AND A LITTLE TERRORIST” came out in 2006. It’s a pure homemade recording - I did the vocals through a lamp shade and then through a guitar amp. I noticed how much fun it was to think, not only in melodies, but also about actual sounds and arrangements. Another thing I did notice was how much more fun it is to add a lot of instruments and people to the mix and to the van when on tour. With all this in mind, I started to write the songs that went on to become the “KILL HOLLYWOOD ME” album, which came out in 2008. However, this album was recorded under totally different circumstances. It was the first time I ever recorded in a real studio, which was a very different experience and a revelation in itself: That it’s possible to explain to someone what it should sound like and then actually have the visions come true. I like my first two albums. They are not only beautiful on their own, but also the reason why I now could make “CURRENT AFFAIR MEDIUM RARE”

Britta Persson had her big breakthrough in Sweden 2006 and has ever since been an important part of the Swedish indie pop scene. There has been a smaller but yet constant demand for Britta’s music from other parts of the world, a lot thanks to Camera Obscura and Kristoffer Åström’s love for Britta’s voice which has frequently been used for their own albums and music. Britta has done several tours in Europe and 2009 she did a tour of Brazil with Loney Dear and Those Dancing Days.

We here at Selective Notes are very happy to be able to work with Britta and her new album and we are looking forward to breaking some new grounds, all over the world.

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