Wednesday 6th March 2013

Broke are about contradictions. They linger between unconditional love and explosive anger, a cosmopolitan metropolis and insignificant suburbia, soothing silence and pervasive noise, party socialising and late-night introspection... Broke are about the flipside of the coin.

Simon Littauer came to the Danish capital in 2011 in order to study management. While he gradually became appalled by the lack of creativity and the uniform culture in his school, his pipe dream of corporate success quickly evaporated. Soon afterwards he moved into a tiny flat in Nørrebro (Copenhagen’s rough area) along with his mate Mads Bergland, with the sole purpose of forming a band. Having no outlet other than their music and joined by their common opposition to mainstream Danish pop culture they decided to call their band Broke, a word reflecting the state of their hopeless and demoralised generation – let alone their own financial situation.

Broke quickly turned into a digitalised post-punk assault. Littauer and Bergland crafted an uncompromising blend of relentless beats and futuristic phychedelia by ingeniously combining their hi-tech equipment with lo-fi aesthetics and trashy effects.

Mads Bergland observes: "It feels like there's some kind of machine out there that spawns identical bands. Broke don't follow traditional song structures. Our songs have only got verses. They contain soundscapes and images of big machines, burning forests and planes crashing into the ground..."

Broke’s first single is called "Restless Beach". In the band's own words: "it's based on a dream about apocalyptic love. It's a dark-coloured disco track to soundtrack the small hours of an excessive Saturday night exodus."

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