Broken Twin


Tuesday 2nd October 2012

Somewhere between frailty and strength, there is a universe of hope, honesty and melodical songs.

Broken Twin is a duo of two young girls with good stories to tell. Drawing upon the eerie sounds of the Northern hemisphere and musically related to acts such as Feist, Nico and Anthony and the Johnsons their simple setup of bass, piano, guitar, vocals and percussion intertwines in a whirvel wind of creaking pianobenches, floating vocals and cantankerous guitars and with ease they create sensations who moves the listener and leaves them curious for more.

In the recording of their EP "Hold on to Nothing", the girls had teamed up with various known producers, but in the process they found their own sound and decided to produce the four songs fully on their own. Brian Batz from Sleep Party People mixed the EP and added the eerieness he is known for.

Their songs encircle loneliness and love and reflect the thoughts of girls entering adulthood. It is the notion of touching people by bringing something beautiful into the world.
"Hold On To Nothing" containing the four songs "Beaches", "Float", "The Light" and "Out of Air" will be released on Broken Records in August as a crimson red 10-inch vinyl and digital EP.

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