Burrito Panza


Tuesday 30th September 2014

The term “Burrito Panza” refers to the phenomenon, so common in the Canary Islands, which is characterized by a low cloud ceiling and misty and gray surroundings. Behind this peculiar name there’s a trio responsible for some of the best moments of Spanish music in latest years: Carlos Cuevas, Jose Manuel Mora and Carlos Flan from historic groups like Surfin ‘Bichos, Mercromina, Travolta and Alienistas of Fernando Alfaro. After signing with El Genio Equivocado the project was first materialized in 2011 with digital single “Tu lado Salvaje“, followed that same year by the LP “Solo y Mal Acompañado“, highly praised by critics, saluted as a much needed breath of fresh air based on simplicity, classicism and luminosity. His long awaited new LP, “Una familia desestructurada” is expected to arrive in late 2014.

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