Thursday 30th October 2014

Our new release has been a long time coming and is the first collaboration between those evil twins that are LDDLM and KILL THE DJ, two labels joined at the hip.

C.A.R. is Chloe Raunet's project, whose album MY FRIEND will be released on October 25th on KTDJ. This is obviously an important project all round for her and for us and there was so much to do that two labels was a perfect idea. She originally wrote the 'IDLE EYES' lyrics for Gesaffelstein, who turned them down in favour of another two tracks they'd done together. A new song was woven from the words.

Kill the DJ commissioned the Planningtorock remix and we loved it so much that we 'stole it' for our vinyl release. JAM has made the song hers, pitching down the vocal, punking up the bass grove and adding, yes, disco strings (Tiga: "I thought I hated strings").

Manfredas remix of 'Angelina' was Ivan's biggest record for the whole of last year, licensed by Rebolledo for his mixed CD and causing stir here and there. The 12" will include the instrumental version but as friends, we may soon give the vocal. follow us to know where. This is a very hard track to describe, a cross between a panzer and Rondo Veneziano on acid. It's for those who dare. 

Finally, Robert Johnson and Hinvern new wunderkid, Benedikt Frey (his Blanc 002 was…) delivers a brilliant acid rendering but not a cliché plastic warehouse thing. This builds and builds and builds…


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