Captain Capa


Monday 30th April 2012
captaincapaIf you reach your 20th birthday without making the move from small town to big city, leaving the warmth of home behind to sink into the wannabe-anonymity of cultural metropoles, you’re fucked - they say. However, this is no reason for Hannes Naumann and Maik Biermann aka Captain Capa to pack their bags and leave the swamp of province. Grown up in a globalised world as rascals with no ambition to become adults, they know one thing for sure: that an electronic power pop duo can operate on teenage-hearts from everywhere - even from the forests of Kyffhäuser.

The big cities lost their prerogative for thrilling electronic music. So the bedroom-studio of Captain Capa and fatherly producer Norman Kolodziej (Bratze, Der Tante Renate) wasn’t built up in Berlin-Friedrichshain or Hamburg-Altona, but straight at Weinberg 8, Bad Frankenhausen, Thuringia. In the shadow of the most skewed steeple of the world. The place, where Hannes and Maik grew up between hippie-kitsch and artsy-chic, battling through the nights with a Super Nintendo, Anime marathons and 1990 emo-hit-karaoke, before they discovered clubculture and flashlight to create a stylistic mix of all these influences, sounding exactly like what they’d love to dance to.

What was carefully put together and slowly cooked on the debut-album “Tonight Is The Constant” - acclaimed as danceable highspeedpop between electro-bam and indiemush by critics and ravekids - is now exploding in extremes on the second longplayer “Saved My Life”. Emo-guitars, brit-pop-vocals and eighties-synthies, bursting out without a blush, always hiding behind the cloak of “the perfect popsong”. Fearlessly slammed together without regards like “Are chiptune-sounds still cool?” or “Can we send another autotune-chorus into the hemisphere!?”, building up melodramatic hymns between 1987 teenie disco, 1998 screamo gig and 2012 indie-floor. Jealousy, cheating and messy lovebirds in their lyrics, a playful dancefloor-attitue in their beats.

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