Carlos Sadness


Tuesday 1st May 2012
carlosmainHis career took off under the pseudonym Shinoflow, with the digital release El Misterioso Ciclo De Tu Pestañeo (2006).  After this breakthrough, came his first full length release, El presidente de los estados de ánimo (2007), an alternative rap album, a style that carried Shinoflow through to the next step. After that, the maxi single Medias Naranjas Y Otras Mitades, was released , also in digital format, and a work in which we find the essence of his personality and musical character.
His particular style and clear rock influences (The Horrors, Placebo, Interpo), have always marked him out from other artists on the scene. This distinguishing feature led to significant progress in his career in 2009 and 2010:
-          El País rates him as one of the faces of the year
-          One of his tracks is included in the soundtrack to the film Brain Drain (Fuga De Cerebros).
-          Started a tour with the artist Bebe.
-          Recorded a duet with Bebe  on the Antonio Vega tribute album.
-          Collaborated on the Bunbury y Héroes del Silencio tribute album.
-          Also played on the latest album by Luis Eduardo Aute.
A reflection of his individual and imaginative musical vision,  Atraes A Los Relámpagos, an EP released in 2011, shows off his impeccable work and  is undoubtedly  the artistic emancipation that his work deserves.

Its release is the perfect prelude to the next step, the publication of CIENCIAS CELESTES,  on April 17, 2012 this time as Carlos Sadness.

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