Tuesday 26th August 2014

Carnival are a classic boy meets girl story. "We met at Parklife last year." Says frontman Laurie Boxley... "We were both wearing those massive milk carton costumes… Like on Blur’s ‘Coffee and TV’ music video... I saw her floating around near a Chai Tea store and I just had to say hello".

The duo, who hail from West-London played their first set of gigs earlier this year, with their debut being in Paris back in April. They have also been keeping busy with their first set of demos which were recorded at Ealing Studios over Spring time. "Ealing Studios is great, for those who don’t know it’s a film studio too… So when we are hauling amps and drums down corridors we are often bumping into Maggie Smith and the rest of the Downton cast." - drummer Maxine Clarke.

Carnival will be releasing a fresh set of music videos this summer as well as UK and Euro dates for September time.

Full of indie/Britpop reverence, their new track "She Said" has one of the catchiest energised guitar hooks you'll hear from an emerging band this year!



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