casiokids - aabenbaringen over aaskammen


Thursday 12th January 2012

Norwegian synthpop ensemble Casiokids may sing in a language foreign to most British ears, but that didn't stop us greatly enjoying the whimsical flurries on their debut album "Aabenbaringen Over Aaskammen", released through Moshi Moshi Records.

The Norwegians have utilised and flexed their ever bulging synth muscles with skilful refinement on their first full length offering. Real credit must be given for the opening track "Aabenbaringen Over Aaskammen". Dulcet pan flute and bassoon lead us in to induce imagery of a bleak Norwegian landscape, uplifting in its entirety. Perturbed fingers roam the flute, in turn enticing bird song. A prefect rendition of early morning peace. This however, does not set a trend for the rest of the album, which is a pure bop along, sun is shining, happier than Larry delight. They have taken Architecture In Helsinki, and given them a tickle. Precise climbing synth, repeating and quickly layering with acute vocal melodies do nothing but make you grin. Wrought electric guitar riffs are thrown in on certain tracks for good measure, used more as a beat than anything. We have some real deft touches scattered throughout, buried amongst the keys, such as the timeless classic noise of Sonic collecting rings. This adds an extra child like element. It is a controlled form of youthfulness, not allowing itself to get lost in a frenzied ball of excitement, but lets itself loose enough so that you yourself can get lost within it. This is synth pop at its best. We Highly reccomend that upon its release, you bag yourself a copy. Brilliant, a big dose of happiness, and just in time for spring. 'Aabenbaringen Over Aaskammen' is set for release on January 16th. For more info got to and @Casiokids


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