Caviare Days


Monday 7th November 2011

Caviare Days are mainly sisters Lina and Maja, who lean on a body of music where a rush of influences, beats and structures from different time periods come together. They daringly pluck out all the juiciest ingredients from the history of rock (and even beyond) and redefine them, Caviare Days is about pimping the classical, making retro for the 22st century. Vulgar is balanced with sophistication, all with a little psychedelic overtone.

When their very first demos turned to full songs in New York in 2009, they were under the influence of Jorge Elbrecht/Violens, who poured a little magic over the raw tapes they brought with them from Sweden, which provided for a golden recipe to bring back over the Atlantic. The buzz reached Mats Björke of the Swedish band (Mando Diao), who took on the task to finish crafting their full-length album, due to be released in the beginning of next year. 

A small tour with Swedish rockers the Soundtrack Of Our Lives in fall 2010 is one of a few great live gigs they've done so far, and recently, they filled a floor at the Swedish Museum for Photography (Fotografiska, Oct 6). With their 6 piece band, themselves included, they are eager to take on the biz and deliver some of the finest new rock'n'roll all around the world.

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