Chromatics - 'Into The Black'


Wednesday 15th February 2012

Chromatics have been through some radical changes since their origins in Portland Oregon in 2001. Their "chaotic" sound has been left in the locker room and exchanged for "Italo Disco" reverberations under their new label Italians do it better. This, if going by their Neil Young cover of Into The Black is most definately a good thing, as their video so aptly demonstrates.

Hot off the back of an extremely successful film 'Drive', which featured their track 'Tick Of The Clock', they decide to do a near impossible thing...a cover. Not just any old cover either, a Neil Young cover to be precise. This is re-working at it's peak with simplicity at its core. Subtle piano chords lay as foundations for soft electric strums and effortless, slow catchy single stringed riffs. They allow the vocals to shine through, as does the sublime video directed by Alberto Rossini, concentrating on close ups of  a sultry mouth, reiterating the message further home.

Such is the simplicity, we daren't over analyse for fear of, well, finding things that aren't there. This is a Homage to Rock n' Roll, but doesn't sound a thing like it. If this is their future direction, then they have hit the nail firmly on the head.


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