Thursday 5th September 2013

Music is always about escape; an escape from the adversities of all facets of daily life, from problems and fears, whose translation into comprehensible music can offer so much comfort in hard times. Also, from the everyday madness of life itself, whose challenging nature we only feel strong enough to face when we have a considerate, musical companion of sound and lyrics at our side.

Claire have created such a music companion with their debut album "The Great Escape" set for release in 2014, which will be preceded by a 5 Track EP entitled “Broken Promise Land” this autumn; a playful soundtrack for the uncertainties of the here and now, and a visionary musical escape from the negative clutches of everyday life.

The five-piece band originated in Munich, where Messel and Nepomuk worked together in a studio. A short time later, the two met Flo on a production job. "The chemistry between us was right straight away, so we got together and started making music", Nepomuk recalls. After the first few commissioned works, the desire to create pieces for their own project emerged. The birth of Claire.

Looking for a suitable vocalist, Flo remembered an old party acquaintance: Josie. "I contacted her over Facebook and asked if she wanted to come by, and she did", Flo grins, describing the situation. "When she started to sing, we all just looked at each other and thought: Awesome! This is it."

All the band needed then was a drummer for powerful live performances of their songs. This is where Fridl came into play, someone Flo still knew from his time in the Munich metal-core scene. Claire was complete.“Vigorous or faint dizzy from our feelings stream. 

A running theme of the record is breaking out of the daily grind and exhausting the untapped potential that lies dormant within each and every one of us. It seemed fitting that the band like to classify their musical mix of post-pop, indie and electro as ‘neon-pop’. "Our lyrics make use of a very strong visual language. Colours are an expression of different moods", says singer Josie. Consequently, Claire paint situations using musical elements, draw darkly coloured sonic pictures of emotions, and visualise the neon contradiction of their cold musical aesthetic and singer Josie’s warming words.

The best example of this is the grandiose single "Games", a driving mid-tempo number with a whole galaxy of emotions hidden away within its orchestrated simplicity. The lyrics combine grief, comfort, hope and melancholy. The message is that the most insignificant moment can change a whole life, and that everything will be fine as long as your world is completed by the love of another person.

Their music is a perfectly designed expression of a mature and adult understanding of pop, an understanding which no longer views the "pop music" label as an insult. A healthy adolescence in the underground has given Claire the necessary traction to clearly distinguish themselves from slick, plastic pop acts, and lines the band up alongside acts such as James Blake and The xx. 

The hidden colours and contrasts you’ll find in the harmonies of the 5 songs on "Broken Promise Land" turn the EP into a neon-coloured look at the future of local pop music. Claire's debut is a musical exclamation mark signifying the end of pop music arbitrariness, and setting an escape route which will become the new starting point. For music. For pop. For Claire.

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