Cleo & Kristin Amparo


Thursday 13th March 2014

Cleo & Kristin Amparo are a unique pair in the Swedish hip-hop and soul scene that’s making waves in Sweden with their amazing live show. Last summer, they teamed up with producer duo Broke 'n Tipsy to work on their EP "Vem E han" which also features star producer Style Of Eye (Icona Pop "I Love It").

With roots in North Africa, Colombia, northern Swedish hip-hop and jazz this team are treading entirely on new ground. Cleo has previously collaborated with Looptroop Rockers in the song "Hårt mot hårt" and with Syster Sol with their song “Fatta” which featured in a campaign against sexual violence. Kristin Amparo also performs with her band Combo De La Musica and has collaborated with artists such as Oskar Linnros, Daniel Adams Ray and John De Sohn on the hit song "Dance Our Tears Away". Due to Cleo’s reputation of being one of tightest rappers in Sweden, she was invited to perform in the biggest television programme in Sweden, Melodifestivalen. Krisitn Amparo who’s been called “The closest thing Sweden has, if you would combine Ella Fitzgerald and Amy Winehouse” – Dagens Nyheter 5 out 5. Both of the artists were also involved in a significant musical exchange programme in South Africa called “KWAAI”. The exchange resulted in a Mixtape and successful tour. 

The producers behind the EP, Broke'n Tipsy, consist of Hannes Lidén and Bessem Bedziri (Supersci). The duo hails from Sundsvall but are now Stockholm-based. Last spring, they released their critically acclaimed "Mixtape One", according to hip-hop magazine Kingsize was one of 2013 year's best releases. The last song on the EP, "Kär och galen", is a hit on the dance floors and produced by Style of Eye. 

Their EP "Vem E han" is something that hasn’t been done in Swedish hip-hop before. The music is full of movement - between deep vibrant soul and hardcore club beats. Blending hip-hop and Afro rhythms while unfolding it into an electronic sound. Their lyrics are a perfect mixture of being personal, strong, expressing feminist values and at the same time keeping it light-hearted.


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