Context - 'Small Town Lad Sentiments'


Thursday 1st August 2013

Context is an MC from Norwich who's has released single 'Small Town lad Sentiments', on 18th June on Sony.

It is a 2-step vibed fresh take classic garage that has been drawing comparisons to The Streets, so much so that Mike Skinner has been in touch to personally ask if he can remix the track! It's getting a great response a R1 and 1Xtra with Huw Stephens and MistaJam both championing the record - setting Context up nicely for his performances at this year's Wireless, Reading and Leeds festivals.

The track is made up of a fidgety beat, choppy keyboard samples and melodic vocal samples, continuing Context’s refreshing spin on classic garage – in the most infectious way possible. Using his natural talent for delivering gritty social commentary, Context tells a story of “counting two pence pieces” to pay his debts “in a place where typing out a CV is wishful thinking” – a story that will ring déjà vu with a large percentage of today’s disaffected youth.

Directed by the Lyle Lindgren (Professor Green, Akala, Josh Osho, Mikill Pane, DVS, Etta Bond) and starring Jamie Howard (younger brother of comedian Russell Howard) - the video tells a story of a ‘Small Town Lad’ escaping the aggravation of crooked debt collectors, before exacting his revenge – as needs must.

Listen to the remix by Mike Skinner here 

Context can be found on Facebook


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