Corrections House


Tuesday 5th August 2014

Doom/sludge/industrial collective Corrections House boasts a line up of musicians well known in the metal underground: Mike IX Williams leads the New Orleans outfit Eyehategod; Scott Kelly handles vocals and guitar for the Oakland, California-based experimental group Neurosis; Bruce Lamont is a founding member of Yakuza, a band known for incorporating elements of jazz and world music into the metal mix; Sanford Parker is a member of post-metal explorers Minsk and an in-demand producer, to boot. A fifth collaborator, the mysterious “minister of propaganda” Seward Fairbury, seems to be the official CH spokesman.

Correction House’s debut LP, 2013’s Last City Zero (Neurot Recordings), opens with “Serve or Survive,” a foreboding bit of industrial doom that references the dying planet/imperfect machine aesthetic of Skinny Puppy and Land of Rape and Honey-era Ministry. “Bullets and Graves” takes a similar approach, revving up the tempo and amplifying the aggression to a fever pitch. Elsewhere on the album, “Run Through the Night” touches on southern gothic while “Dirt Poor and Mentally Ill” is a Wax Trax-worthy call to arms with one foot on the dance floor and the other in the mosh pit. The title song is a spoken word piece with some William S. Burroughs and Steven Jesse Bernstein in its DNA, while closing track “Drapes Hung by Jesus” is nearly ten minutes of ominous drone with layers of vocals, saxophone, electronics and nightmarish noise buried in the mix. 

Corrections House will open two sold out shows for doom metal pioneers Sleep at Thalia Hall in Chicago, 28-29 August 2014.

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