Cosmen Adelaida


Tuesday 30th September 2014

Cosmen Adelaida began in early 2009 in Madrid, when Elisa Pérez (drums, vocals), Javier Egea (guitar, vocals) and Nacho de la Hoz (guitar, vocals) met at the only bar in Madrid that closes late and does not charge entry. The quintet, after the departure of Bea and Marcos in 2013 is completed with Luis Fernandez and Juventud Juché. During their initial demo phase, they played almost every venue in Madrid and participated in several contests nationwide, being finalists at Contempopranea Festival 2010 and Project demo FIB 2011. 

After two EPs in 2009 and 2010, in 2011 they signed with El Genio Equivocado, releasing their mini-album “7 Picos” later that year, a unique pop kaleidoscope ranging from gorgeous twee-pop (irresistible girl-boy vocals) to creeping guitars on a grunge style, to synths and loops recalling Stereloab. The excellent reviews helped them to play at the best Festivals in Spain, like Primavera Sound, FIB or Contempopránea. Their second LP is scheduled for 2014.

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