Cults - 'You Know What I Mean' New Video


Monday 13th February 2012

We very rarely get bands comprised of duos who are courting in this day and age. Aside from the obvious 'White Stripes', who have unfortunately parted company, Cults have soothed the void with a dose of their own ethereal bond. The track in Question 'You Know What I Mean' has been circulating for a good while now, but what it didn't have is Director Isaiah Seret's visual talent applied upon it. Having directed 'Go Outside' in 2011, she is certainly making an impression on the young couple.

The story centers around Madeline and Brian. Brian is a stuntman who encounters an accident, with Madeline taking full vocal duty, imploring her man to stay with her, even through his devastating incident. Isaiah does an impeccable job transferring this song to imagery, taking somehwhat of a different approach if another were to direct. A shocking portrait of a relationship, yet capturing a beauty within this. She manages to juxtapose not only the beaty withing the song, but creating a beauty out of transfigurement. Not only an interesting insight into Cults passion, but also into the directors perception of a song that feels far removed from the piece she has created. Watch it once, then again, then perhaps some more. To sum up, this is quite simply beguiling cinematography utilised as subtext for a heartfelt song.


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