Cut Your Hair


Tuesday 1st May 2012

"I was tired of the place I was living in, so I just went on the internet to check out some cities from wherever... like planning what would be in the future for me. And I bumped into this page with pictures of Salt Lake City. It looked sort of decadent in a way, it inspired me, I knew I had to write the song." Sergio, Cut Your Hair.

Awash with summery haze and glorious harmonies, Utah In Pictures is the debut single from Catalan three-piece Cut Your Hair, released 30th April on Mushroom Pillow.

Childhood friends from the village of Anserall perched high in the Pyrenees, Sergio, Aleix and Ed dream up an appropriately sun-bleached reading of rock 'n' roll's eternal narrative, small-town escapism.

From Oslo to Melbourne, from indie rockers to club kids, indie euphoria is one of the pop underground's richest musical nodes.  With innate exuberance Cut Your Hair reach out to audiences of all kinds with sun-soaked crescendos that will have you convinced, summer has arrived and it will never end.

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